Privacy Policy

At e·City Hotel, we take your privacy seriously. We follow a strict data protection policy designed to safeguard your privacy and all information shared with us. Information disclosed to us will be stored securely within The only information we store when you view e· is the IP address your device sends to our website and related information, unless you voluntarily and knowingly provide us with additional information. Thus, we will not know your identity, your email address, and any other information identifiable to you. Please read the disclosure below carefully to find out more about our privacy policy.

Information We Collect

By using our website at, you have agreed and granted permission for e·City Hotel to collect and use the information provided by user or by the device used to access the website.

e·City Hotel is committed to the continuous improvement of our website therefore we collect data on website usage in order to maximize your browsing experience. Furthermore, the information we gather will be used for marketing purposes such as analysing individual travel patterns & behaviour, customizing tactical promotions and so on, as it assists us in providing quality online services to you.

In particular cases involving requests of assistance or further information via, we will seek your permission to disclose your personal information in order to execute any related request you have made. However, we will respect and honour your privacy preference if you instruct us not to use any of your personal information to stay in touch and your particulars will be duly removed from our system. You are able to exercise your right of objection at any time by email or letter to the correspondence addresses stated in our website.

All information we gather is stored in our secured server and all practicable steps have been taken by us to ensure information of you provide to our website is securely protected against accidental access by any unknown third parties. We do not collect financially sensitive information such as credit card or; bank accounts numbers, especially any that requires encryption in transmission. Nevertheless, we are not held responsible for any unauthorized or accidental access which is beyond our control.


e·City Hotel uses cookies to enable visitors of our website to communicate securely and conveniently. HTTP/browser cookies are files that web servers send to your browser or create in your device. The cookies we send facilitate fast, secure communication while you are in our website. Our website may contain links to any third party websites that us cookies technology and we do not have any access or control over these third party cookies. With that, we are not held responsible for third party links under our website which is beyond our control. Most web browsers are set to accept cookies by default. If you do not want to allow this, you can choose to disable this function in your browser setting.

In certain circumstances, e·City Hotel stores personal information but we do not share any data we collect with others. All data is used only for our own marketing purposes such as travel promotions and etc.

Email Policy

We may contact you through email once you have disclosed your contact details in order to provide you with requested. Tactical promotions created by e•City Hotel may be sent to your email address for marketing purposes but you are always welcomed to not subscribe to any of our emails by writing to us via email or contact our customer service department.